For Your Trip:

Hunters must purchase a Kansas small game license.
This can be acquired on line or in the town of Ashland.

Click Here To Apply Online for your Kansas Hunting License.

Wichita (ICT) is the airport of choice for hunters flying to our
operation.  It is about a 3 hour drive east of us but affords the
most reasonable airline and vehicle rates as well as a better
selection of vehicles.

What to bring:

  • Two pair of comfortable "broken in" Hunting Boots.
  • Dog Boots
  • Chaps or faced hunting pants.
  • Florescent Orange Vest.
  • Eye Protection, Hat.  
  • Shooting Gloves.
  • Break Open Shotgun and Shells.

The Season:

2nd Saturday of November until January 31st

The mild winters and semi-dry climate of Southwest Kansas make
for the perfect hatchery for Bobwhite Quail. The gently rolling
terrain make for easy walking and an ideal venue to keep track of a
hard going bird dog. The 26,000 Acre Goodnight Ranch in
Englewood, KS has the birds and cover to test both your dog's mettle
and your shooting ability.